July 28

The biggest summer festivals are over

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I had a great time this summer at Montreux or in Nyon those last three weeks. In the french part of Switzerland the two main music festivals of the summer are the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Paléo Festival of Nyon.

I went to something like eight concerts, I also enjoyed those evening, because I shared the fun with friends, friends of friends and colleagues! Of course there will be other concerts, but I will definitely remember those ones!


The guitarist

July 27

I was once a gamer

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It was not so long ago in fact, it's just that it appears to me a very long time... and I miss that time!

I was really into it, I was downloading every demos coming out, just to see what the game was like. I also had a computing beast as PC (well that's still the case, ;-), just not the same goal).

It was the time when the Internet was growing fast, giving birth to monstrous giants. It was the time when with some of my best friend, we created LAN-Attack.ch. It's true, the site's code was one man's creation, not me! And most of the content on the site was not by me either, but we were all in one adventure.

Today, the site is on the verge of extinction, and it's not much to say, years without any news, nothing. I have to say that every founders made in way in life and hasn't taken the time to keep that site alive.

Today, I would like to do something of what's left, I already have some ideas of what I want to do, from where I want to begin, of what technologies I am going to use. I lack some things like some designer skills or some pseudo-feed-back on my ideas. I will keep you updated and hope to show you the results of my first trials soon. Hoping to create a movement or better a community! Stay tuned!

July 16


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Three years that I've been living in Geneva! It's only now that I really discover that something like five minutes away from my flat, there is a beach! Of course, this is not fine white sand, but you have the sun, the water, the girls in bikini...

Why didn't I discover that place before?

Beach view

July 12

Thaï Boxing

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I'm not the sporty kind of guy. I guess I just need to move without any other particular reason than just moving... ok, maybe I lost you here, I just wanted to precise that it's not related to the need of competition or to "give all you got", that's just something else, hard to describe.

Then why Thaï boxing? Well, my only answer to that is that your forced to "confront" to somebody else, read "interact" here, where other sports I did where more solo...

The place where I used to go is closed for two months this summer, due to some transformation they are doing in the training room. It's kinda sad they did not find a temporary place for training sessions, I miss them.

Thaï Boxer

June 4

Geneva Motorshow 2009

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I love taking pictures, since I was little I like it. My dad, I don't know if it was the proud of the parent or if he was a bit objective, often told me that I got the "eye".

I also like cars, I know this is not very green, not very trendy, well thinking (fortunately?). The worst is that I like powerful ones, even worse... expensive one!

Well, indeed, I did not take many pictures at the Geneva Motorshow this year (ok, it was three months ago, I am a little slow...).

The picture below is my preferred, the Aston Martin One-77, if you don't like cars, I hope you'll like the curves at least! The rest of the pictures at the flickr ablum.

Aston Martin One-77

June 3


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As usual, it's H who made the suggestion. Except that the

That's what made us got La Sip for a small event with people of the media and creation from the French-speaking Switzerland. Environment slackened and cool as envisaged, sympathetic music, even if my antisocial side retained me to make new acquaintances, I wonder why I don't work in this field?

(blurry picture for the amateurs of this genre)


Obviously that also makes me consider the relationship between colleagues after work or more simply event organizations from a company point of view… and you how many events per week?

May 25


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He was using internet when Google was just an idea. He changes graphic card like t-shirt. He owns a blog now:


May 6

Travel in Jordan

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Going on holidays, it's not necessary to say, but it feels good! Holidays have really special significations that vary from person to person.

I could see that again while talking about my last trip to Jordan. When I was preparing it, I was already asked the question "Why Jordan?" to which I would rapidly find a quick answer "Why not?".

In the end, for this last trip, the destination had to correspond to the following criteria:

  • be a place where I did not already go
  • be a place where there are some cultural places to visit
  • be a sunny place where I can relax near a swimming pool or similar

Jordan was perfect for that. It's definitly a beautiful country!

After this short intro, I'll try to make some short stories of my adventures there. I also have a huge amount of pictures taken there that I'll have to sort. In the mean time, tell me, why do you go on holiday? Where? What do you do once you're there?

April 5

No Free Hugs

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It's here! It has begun! ... What? What? But what dude? You're gonna say... The festival season! Well the true ones... ok, ok, it's just that it's the first week-end where I get out of my cavern to join the herd.

I got to tell you, it was worth going out to the Cully Jazz Festival. Of course, some strategic choice where not all that appropriate, indeed motorbiking is cool, but having to carry a jacket and a bag all evening sucks.

My first impression wasn't that good, it was more like "ha I know why I didn't like it last year". R told me she was in the Caveau des vignerons. I went down Cully, getting into the ambiance, passing near the lake. I found a small door above which was written the name of my destination. Small problem, a human wall blocks the access, when I say a wall, that was a tough one, I pity any person smaller than 1m50 who has forgotten his tuba!

I gave up rapidly, and went to buy a chocolate waffle, which compensated already this first hitch. After a few minutes the concert was over, I finally got to say hello to B and R. Just B was not available immediately...

After some walking, looking around, fetching some dudes and chicks with full stomach(s), I ended finding a "caveau" for me. Without any surprise, they were playing electro there. Cradled by the music, you sometimes forget that you have only 15cm2 for youself, well not really, compressed between three young ladies, who excuses themselves to stick to you, it can be difficult to remember that music is playing. I forgive them they had no choice! Mood definitely influences you perceptions..

March 22


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"I can do it tomorrow", if that was an olympic sport, I would have all my chances for getting medals. That's true, I don't post that often on this blog, although I do have some ideas, I am not overwhelmed by work, I don't have my girlfriend taking to much of my time (I would really love using that excuse)... hum ... I don't spent time on this blog.

It does not only affect this this blog, I also have a few projects I'm dying to work on and present here!

Where does that mysterious disease come from? This lack of motivation? Do all my energy go somewhere else? How do the others do?

Well, once I got my thumbs out of my back, I will write something decent!

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