June 3


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As usual, it's H who made the suggestion. Except that the

That's what made us got La Sip for a small event with people of the media and creation from the French-speaking Switzerland. Environment slackened and cool as envisaged, sympathetic music, even if my antisocial side retained me to make new acquaintances, I wonder why I don't work in this field?

(blurry picture for the amateurs of this genre)


Obviously that also makes me consider the relationship between colleagues after work or more simply event organizations from a company point of view… and you how many events per week?

Comment made by Biouxman, Wednesday 3 June 2009 10:41:19 CEST

Trop peu ! en tout cas trop peu avec certainEs collègues :) là ça fait 1 apéro par semaine, grâce au badminton et à l'après-badminton... sans ça, ça chute à 0.1 apéro par semaine je dirais :) sinon je vais chez des collègues ou des collègues viennent chez moi 1x par semaine environ !

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