August 12


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Here is another lovely city! Especially if you love blondes (boys and girls), and interior furniture... Stockholm is really a charm, invite some friend and try to sleep in one of the hotel-boats around, here is the Red Boat, where we stayed.


The Reb Boat, Stockholm

December 19

Pragues, the pictures

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It's done! I finally sorted out all those pictures of Pragues, you can now view the twenty something that are publicly available on Flickr. There are about a hundred private ones that can be view by my Flickr friends... enjoy!

November 29

Night interlude

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While I'm reviewing my photo of Prague, here is what I have seen from my baclony this year.


Geneva fireworks



November 27

Jordan, a second batch

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The more we go south, the more desert we have. Finally, I arrived in the red desert of Wadi Rum. After a night with the bedouins, I made it to the red sea, where I could enjoy diving and admire the sunset on Isreal.


Jeep in the desert


Red sand dune


Sunset on the mountain


Here we are, go to my gallery page and enjoy the full trip!

November 23

Jordan, the photo safari

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Jordan is definetly a beautiful country, you should try it sometimes. In order of appearence, the Wadis of Wadi Mujib, a sheperd and his herd in the desert and a monument in Petra:


Wadi Mujib


Shepherd and his herd in the desert


Petra's monument


And there are more to come!

October 23

A personal project

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I already talked about that here, I have several projects that I'd like to do currently, but it's hard to motivate myself and begin to do something. However, the fact that I forced myself and tried to do them all at the same time, I reached a second level where I was able to eliminate the ones that I felt less important, or the ones I liked less or simply where I could get nothing done.

The result is the following: Agoo. I know not everybody reading this blog will even be able to use it plus it's still at an early alpha stage. Well, at least I can talk about it here, so I can show that something is going on!

I hope that I'll be able to show something for before next year. For those who click, you'll notice that the site has still a potential, people are still posting LANs! Crazy...

Briefly, some other news, I am currently updating my public photos on Flickr, there will be fewer, but only the best ones, they will also have at least a more interesting title, no more IMG00455. Now, for those who don't know, I'll be in Pragues next week and I have a feeling that I will have some content to put here, I don't know why, I feel it...

September 30

About music in bars

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Why music sucks in bars? Big question! It's that, one more time, I went out with some friends, we went to a few bars. To each bars its ambiance, there was the one "pub" style, with its dark wooden scenery and its Guiness. The one in the old town with old rocks, tight corridors and its cheap blond beer. After, we found a more fashionable one, big flat screens hanging on the walls, the younger attendance, the entry queue and the old cocktails made with new brands. Finally, the club, an average one, with clients a little bit older than me.

I can now come back to my first sentence. All those places, as different as they were, had in common, at least the night I was there, to provide the same auditive content, read music. Like it or not, you guessed, I didn't like it. Well, I found out that I talk about music on this blog, those who are following should have some ideas about my tastes. The problem with the music that I heard that night is not that it was really of a bad taste, indeed some songs I liked. What deranged me, it was the "music library" which was just aiming to seduce the maximum number of people, not to hurt anybody, but to seduce the mass. Every songs heard that night had already a few years behind them, they already had their success. Above all, the worst was that their style was not consistent, they switched from rock to disco, from "long hairs and dead skull" to "gloss and glitter".

If it was not to spend some time with my friends and have some drinks, I could have had a bad night. It pains me a little, I have a tendency to dislike "what everybody likes", pure contradictory spirit, but I have to think of other places to go out in Lausanne, where I could have some drinks and redo the world.

For those who are interested, I was talking about the Brasserie du Château, the Girafe, the Darling and the Zinc.


September 10

Moving to deviantART

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I'm currently in the process of moving my drawings from Flickr to deviantART. I wanted to separate photos from drawings. I think those two communities will fill those two separate roles perfectly.

I also decided to lower the number of pictures available to everybody on Flickr, in order to give the most visibility to the best pictures. I will also take the opportunity to provide better descriptions and titles to those pictures, so that the public gallery will look more professional. For those who are my Flickr's contacts, they won't see much change, apart from updated titles and descriptions.

My Flickr account exists from a moment now, here is now my page at deviantART:

All those changes will be done step by step, I also have my pictures from Jordan to put on Flickr... but I'm only 4 months late, so I still have plenty of time. In the meantime, don't hesitate to add me in your friend's list to follow my progress at drawing!

And you, what do you think about those two communities?

September 7

Musical interlude

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I talk about festivals, and see, I go there too! Yes! And I spent very high quality time there, to say...

So, on Friday, it was Lamb. A concert full of energy, well mostly the key/drum-man who was making his little show, certainly impressive, because the music, even if it shines with great power, it's calm and melancholic, that's trip-hop after all.

Wednesday, it tested the Alhambra hall, with seats please, that was comfortably seated that I enjoyed listening to Sinner DC. Here again, it was definitely worth showing up at that concert, I recommend you this song, and while navigating through YouTube, I also noticed this one that I really like.

Even if I did not have to courage to wait the long queue for High Contrast, there is still another week of "La bâtie" festival, great times ahead!

I also take the opportunity to provide another link, you remember Unkle? Yes, think a little... that mythical clip ... so here is something new!

August 27

B√Ętie's Festival

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There are some things happening in Geneva, things not bad at all, shall I add. The Bâtie's Festival (Festival de la Bâtie), I had a look on the program and I have seen many interesting things, here is a small selection, first two parties for which I already got my tickets:

  • This Friday August 28th at the Usine: Lamb
  • Tuesday September 1st at the Alhambra: Sinner DC

In the category of those which interests me, but I'm waiting for other to join:

There are also gigs at the Palladium, there are very cheap and look great (for the complete list on the Manitoba section of the site), here are my preferred:

Outside this festival, but really not far, I had also a very good recommendation for a Drum'n'bass party saturday september 5th at the Zoo: High Contrast

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