November 30

Developping his artistic side

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I don't see myself as someone having any artistic talent, but sometimes I want to try, to see what it comes from my pencil on some paper.

Young woman waiting at a bus stop (head)


November 22

Around the world

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I love to travel! The other day, I was talking with a collegue of mine, about how we missed our way in life, we should be giving scuba-diving lesson to tourists in the Maldives ...

Anyway, there are some other ways to pass time. Matt is a good example, all that because he has posted a video of himself dancing, well he does not really know how to dance, ok it doesn't matter, see by yourslef.


November 20

Well-behaved or not?

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The world is not black or white, probably something gray, well something alike. It's easy to make something good appear bad, simply by changing the point of view. We can also play with the words, with the expectations.

It might suffisient to accuse someone of being well-behaving, so that he person would attempt to justify herself that he or she is not that a well-behaving person after all ; of course, that might not do the trick every time. At a time where incivilities are frequently very valuable socially speaking, using the "well-behave" factor is easy. Try it ! Just for the sake of the experiment ... and you? Are you well-behaving?

PS: if you see someone putting chocolate into one's mail box, be nice, push him to the ground, take down his identity (the camera on your phone can prove useful) than let him go, finally post his identity to a comment, thanks :-)

November 16

Who's afraid of the Blue Monster?

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I just finished a long reading ; like the author mention, you'd better help yourself with another glass of whiskey before diving in. I do not have a really good opinion on marketing, in general, and its actors. To be honest, I first thought that it would be a reading that would change my mind about Microsoft employees.

So, I learned a bunch of new "tips", after "Smile, talk loud and clear, people are going to listen to you", I learned more about the factors that make Apple and product like the iPhone spread so virally. There are also some chosen extract: "If you talked to people the way advertising talk to people, they'd punch you in the face" or "Microsoft, change the world or go home".

In the end, it reminds me of a small test on facebook that I took lately "What job is good for you?", one of these tests, not fantastic, but which makes it possible to pass to 5 minutes when one has nothing better to do. Result of the test, I would be good working in public relations, my first reflex "Yeah, yeah, so what? ". Lastly, I believe well I have been rediscovering to which point it is human to like to socialize and to which point I am human, it's probably that that help me reading this article till the end!

I invite you to discover the blog itself too, the blog of a guy that began by drawing cartoons on the back of business cards to pass the time.

November 12

It began when I was young

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It began with my first gaming console, a Nintendo. Then came a second one, the Super Nintendo, Finally arrived the computer, followed by some evolutions. Not so long after the computer came internet, with associated online games, chat, forums; which have now moved to social networking and blogging.

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this? With all those phenomena, there were fears, in particular the one of being cut from the real world. Even if in some special cases it is true, after all special centers for "cyber-dependencies" were created; on the other hand we cannot say that it occurs in most cases.

I'd like now to think about what was positive in all that. For the video games, it probably developed the reflexes, the logic. In the case of social networks or instant messaging, that certainly created a new communication channel, not forcefully free (you have to pay your internet access after all), but certainly cheap and fast.

A last point of thinking that I found interesting and worth thinking of, if those phenomena are repeating themselves, through fashions, what was there before? Isn't there any pattern that we might want to avoid?

November 5

Tags have arrived!

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It's done, I added a new functionality to this blog! Now with every new post, you will have associated a few tags. These tags will be helpful spotting what the content of the post is. I will also use special tags like "malife", to tell you that a post is personal. Later on, I will add other functionalities like a tag cloud of a "filter by tag".

Tags are also Web2.0, they appear in the RSS feed you're reading. They can help automatic services, like search engines, to make the page classification easier.

To add a little substance to this post, I just wanted to drop a line about the american election. Lots of people from Europe like me followed, not really closely I have to admit, this election. I am happy and relieved that Obama won! Not only because having the first afro-american president is great, but also because I think that of the two main candidates, he is the one that will change the direction taken by the last government in place!

November 2

Warren Suicide

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Like I mentioned earlier, I'll, from time to time, be posting more personal messages, here is one of those!

Yesterday, I went to the Zoo of the Usine, and I discovered Warren Suicide:

Warren Suicide

Before going out, I only rapidly listened to them on the web, it looked like electronic music to me. On stage, that's a different story, it definitely turns to rock! It moves, it screams, no doubt, they know how to party!

The main singer with the guitar, the female singer with the turn-tables, a beater and finally another guy for the keyboard, that remains electronic music in the end. After a moment with the German rocker in sweat, to hear the female singer "Chérie" turns out really well! For the rest, I invite you to discover them via the web or in a concert close to you!

October 27

The Web 2.0 and the feeds

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Where there are more connections, more interactions, it's easy to get yourself lost.

I was used to verify my favorite sites on a regular basis, looking for the latest news. However, it the "Web 2.0 - Pack" you can find tools making this routine task easier, enabling you to follow hundreds or thousands of websites without going through your favorites list one by one, when some of the sites change only once a month.

You certainly have heard one of those cryptic names like, RSS, Atom or simply feeds. You might have also notice a small orange icon appearing here and there looking like this one: Feed icon. This means that the site you're visiting provides a typical Web 2.0 functionality, which can help you following what's new on that particular site!

To use those feeds, you need a feed reader, personally I use Google Reader, but you can also use Bloglines or the one that is built-in Firefox, if that suits you. You can now open your feed reader and copy paste the feed's address, for the rest, you're old enough ... or you can leave a comment!

October 25

The Web 2.0 (in my opinion)


Before adding my own touch, I'll begin with the big classic definition. "Before", there was Web 1.0, where you would load a page and read it, and this would be the end of your internet experience. "Now", with Web 2.0, not only you would read the page, but there is video, music, and above all you can provide you own feed-back, the communication is now bi-directional.

Ok and then, in fact it's not that different ? Indeed, it's not that different, we shouldn't forget that Web 2.0 is marketing too, where things need to be kept short. We can add others things, like geolocation, that's taking off amongst other things thanks to the iPhone. Behind the scenes you can see, there are tons of interesting technical aspects (sources of inspiration for other posts, keep following).

The other day, a friend of mine dropped me a line on MSN, telling me: "I went to your blog, I didn't get a thing". That's it, I think Web 2.0 is also about leaving lots of people behind and talking with a new language, some kind of new fashion, but without the clothes that change every seasons.

October 22

The future content of this blog


It's been a few day since my blog is online, maybe I can try to add some content to it !

At least, I can tell you what this blog is going to be about. Like most other blog on the blog universe, the main selfish key point is the blogger himself. I'm going to talk about things that interest me, that I care about or simply that touched me.

The content itself will be from what I ate for dinner, subject that will, without any doubt, influence the course of history, to more advanced articles, maybe even long and boring, about technologies, gadgets, books, films or philosophical thoughts.

In the early time of this blog, it will also probably talk a lot about blogging itself as I will add functionalities to this blog. Web 2.0 et Blogging are especially design for two-way communications between content providers and contents readers, so I ask you to comment what I do, in order to continuously improve this blog ! And probably you and me, who knows ?

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