November 20

Well-behaved or not?

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The world is not black or white, probably something gray, well something alike. It's easy to make something good appear bad, simply by changing the point of view. We can also play with the words, with the expectations.

It might suffisient to accuse someone of being well-behaving, so that he person would attempt to justify herself that he or she is not that a well-behaving person after all ; of course, that might not do the trick every time. At a time where incivilities are frequently very valuable socially speaking, using the "well-behave" factor is easy. Try it ! Just for the sake of the experiment ... and you? Are you well-behaving?

PS: if you see someone putting chocolate into one's mail box, be nice, push him to the ground, take down his identity (the camera on your phone can prove useful) than let him go, finally post his identity to a comment, thanks :-)

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