November 12

It began when I was young

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It began with my first gaming console, a Nintendo. Then came a second one, the Super Nintendo, Finally arrived the computer, followed by some evolutions. Not so long after the computer came internet, with associated online games, chat, forums; which have now moved to social networking and blogging.

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this? With all those phenomena, there were fears, in particular the one of being cut from the real world. Even if in some special cases it is true, after all special centers for "cyber-dependencies" were created; on the other hand we cannot say that it occurs in most cases.

I'd like now to think about what was positive in all that. For the video games, it probably developed the reflexes, the logic. In the case of social networks or instant messaging, that certainly created a new communication channel, not forcefully free (you have to pay your internet access after all), but certainly cheap and fast.

A last point of thinking that I found interesting and worth thinking of, if those phenomena are repeating themselves, through fashions, what was there before? Isn't there any pattern that we might want to avoid?

Comment made by Blaise, Wednesday 12 November 2008 15:31:03 CET

Avant Internet? Y avait qqch? Au niveau "réseau social" et communication je pense qu'il existait un certain nombre de structures permettant aux gens de se rencontrer (je pense en particulier aux chœurs de village, mais les jeunesses et les sociétés d'étudiants aussi). Quant aux craintes... peut-être la peur que l'impression de communication ne soit qu'une "illusion".

Comment made by Julien, Thursday 13 November 2008 02:08:04 CET

Les choeurs de village ? Mais d'où sors-tu ça ? :-D ... Mais tu as raison, les scoots et autres club de lecture doivent aussi aujourd'hui jouer leur rôle, c'est certain

Comment made by Blaise, Thursday 13 November 2008 09:59:45 CET

Si tu avais déjà chanté dans un chœur, tu saurais que au niveau relationnel-commérages-matrimonial, c'est plus efficace que facebook.

Comment made by Julien, Friday 14 November 2008 01:08:34 CET

Héhé, il y avait de l'ironie dans ce que je disais ! Après ça, il y a une autre question qui se pose, les gens qui rejoigne les choeurs (ou facebook), ont-ils déjà une tendance au relationnel-commérages-matrimonial ? Où c'est le fait d'être dans un choeur qui fait naître cet aspect ?

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