February 19

It's cold outside

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Seriously, you didn't think I wasn't going to talk about the weather?

Here in Geneva, it's cold! Yep! While some people lose there motivation to go out, it leaves me ... it doesn't seem to take on me. Indifference? Effect of the winter mood?

On the other hand, I recently learned that there exists a plane company called "AirCalin", there are some sexy sounds to that, at least in french, but the company flies to New Caledonia. I have to admit, I had to check where those small islands were, but I guess that's far enough for me I should go there!

February 12


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The goal of this blog, wasn't to only put pictures, or to limit to small texts ... just to share my thoughts, my visions.

Lately, I had some opportunities to go to the mountains, I will share that with you, because I like taking pictures !


Vision of Saas-Fee

February 10

There is something new

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Hey! I added an obvious, but also useful feature to this blog, would you be able to find it?

February 1


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Well it's been hard (kinda), it's been long... but I'm back with my two hands! Hope that lasts!


January 4

Low activity


You've noticed it, I did not post much theses days, and if almost all my readers already knew, I'm saying it here (posting something at least). It hurt three of my fingers of my right hand, nothing broken or really painful, but affecting by 10 fingers typing ability for sure! I also made an attempt to draw, but I was not convinced by the quality of the result ... so be patient, I'll be back about the 13th!

December 25


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No drawing yesterday and today ? Well no, I learnt that R was not able to fill her quota, I am therefore no more constrained to draw ... well, I am not totally a bad player, so I'll continue ... at my own pace (i.e. not every day).

Apart from that, I had a very good family christmas this yes, I wish your was at least that good !

December 23

Variation on the same theme

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And there are other days ...

Woman reading on a bed (2)

December 22

Woman reading on a bed

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There are days where inspiration comes by itslef.

Woman reading on a bed

December 21


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In order to learn how to draw body parts, one of the best way is to observe yourself.

Left leg with tattoo

December 7

Music: Modeselektor

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A little while ago ... oups, well almost six months ago! I was out with my friend H and Y at the Romandie, in Lausanne. Inside this reconverted cinema, we were discovering Modeslektor. This german group, making electronic music, I briefly listened to them after H told me about their concert.

Modeslektor - Happy Birthday

The concert was splendid! The small club was packed, the music ... transcending, the ambiance ... hot, jumping with the crowd, that made it small effect. I thank the club by the way, for providing free water to keep us for dehydrating.

I am someone who easily and quickly get bored, I am also big lazy dude; consequence, I rarely change the music saved on my mobile phone, so I do not listen to music often using it… normally! Because with Modeselektor, I do not get bored, I do not know why…  well, I like that to listen and to listen again.

If you're not convince, Youtube is your friend. They perfected their intros, listen to The White Flash (note the presence of Thom Yorke). They plays with foreign sonorities in Hasir. They can also go slowly like Edgar or Ziq Zaq, and so much more!

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