November 16

Who's afraid of the Blue Monster?

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I just finished a long reading ; like the author mention, you'd better help yourself with another glass of whiskey before diving in. I do not have a really good opinion on marketing, in general, and its actors. To be honest, I first thought that it would be a reading that would change my mind about Microsoft employees.

So, I learned a bunch of new "tips", after "Smile, talk loud and clear, people are going to listen to you", I learned more about the factors that make Apple and product like the iPhone spread so virally. There are also some chosen extract: "If you talked to people the way advertising talk to people, they'd punch you in the face" or "Microsoft, change the world or go home".

In the end, it reminds me of a small test on facebook that I took lately "What job is good for you?", one of these tests, not fantastic, but which makes it possible to pass to 5 minutes when one has nothing better to do. Result of the test, I would be good working in public relations, my first reflex "Yeah, yeah, so what? ". Lastly, I believe well I have been rediscovering to which point it is human to like to socialize and to which point I am human, it's probably that that help me reading this article till the end!

I invite you to discover the blog itself too, the blog of a guy that began by drawing cartoons on the back of business cards to pass the time.

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