September 7

Musical interlude

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I talk about festivals, and see, I go there too! Yes! And I spent very high quality time there, to say...

So, on Friday, it was Lamb. A concert full of energy, well mostly the key/drum-man who was making his little show, certainly impressive, because the music, even if it shines with great power, it's calm and melancholic, that's trip-hop after all.

Wednesday, it tested the Alhambra hall, with seats please, that was comfortably seated that I enjoyed listening to Sinner DC. Here again, it was definitely worth showing up at that concert, I recommend you this song, and while navigating through YouTube, I also noticed this one that I really like.

Even if I did not have to courage to wait the long queue for High Contrast, there is still another week of "La bâtie" festival, great times ahead!

I also take the opportunity to provide another link, you remember Unkle? Yes, think a little... that mythical clip ... so here is something new!

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