April 5

No Free Hugs

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It's here! It has begun! ... What? What? But what dude? You're gonna say... The festival season! Well the true ones... ok, ok, it's just that it's the first week-end where I get out of my cavern to join the herd.

I got to tell you, it was worth going out to the Cully Jazz Festival. Of course, some strategic choice where not all that appropriate, indeed motorbiking is cool, but having to carry a jacket and a bag all evening sucks.

My first impression wasn't that good, it was more like "ha I know why I didn't like it last year". R told me she was in the Caveau des vignerons. I went down Cully, getting into the ambiance, passing near the lake. I found a small door above which was written the name of my destination. Small problem, a human wall blocks the access, when I say a wall, that was a tough one, I pity any person smaller than 1m50 who has forgotten his tuba!

I gave up rapidly, and went to buy a chocolate waffle, which compensated already this first hitch. After a few minutes the concert was over, I finally got to say hello to B and R. Just B was not available immediately...

After some walking, looking around, fetching some dudes and chicks with full stomach(s), I ended finding a "caveau" for me. Without any surprise, they were playing electro there. Cradled by the music, you sometimes forget that you have only 15cm2 for youself, well not really, compressed between three young ladies, who excuses themselves to stick to you, it can be difficult to remember that music is playing. I forgive them they had no choice! Mood definitely influences you perceptions..

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