July 28

The biggest summer festivals are over

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I had a great time this summer at Montreux or in Nyon those last three weeks. In the french part of Switzerland the two main music festivals of the summer are the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Paléo Festival of Nyon.

I went to something like eight concerts, I also enjoyed those evening, because I shared the fun with friends, friends of friends and colleagues! Of course there will be other concerts, but I will definitely remember those ones!


The guitarist

Comment made by Blaise, Tuesday 28 July 2009 17:07:06 CEST

En fait il y a trois festivals de musique, l'été: Le Paleo, le Montreux Jazz et... le Festival de Musique Improvisée (www.fmil.org). Ok ok, y a pas encore les gaufres Manneke Kris, mais bientôt, surement!

Comment made by Julien, Tuesday 4 August 2009 08:36:49 CEST

C'est drôle le design de leur site ressemble à ce que j'avais proposé à l'état de Vaud en ... 1999-2000 :-|

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